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Loft insulation companies might seem like an additional expense and that it would be easier to do it yourself, but surely it's better for a job to be right than easy?

As there are a number of different factors to consider when insulating a loft it makes sense to hire a loft insulation company, who will not only know the best solution, but be able to insulate the loft properly.

RoofSURE are a loft insulation company that provide the highest levels of quality and service to thousands of customers throughout the UK. RoofSURE have loft insulation teams based throughout the UK, made up of BUFCA approved, qualified roofers as well as specialists in the application of the RoofSURE system. Being BUFCA Approved means the loft insulation is installed with the assurance that the work meets the highest standards.

The RoofSURE system is a polyurethane spray foam treatment for stabilisation of roof structures and can only be applied by BUFCA accredited installers. Because polyurethane spray foam has a high R-value it makes it more effective than other types of loft insulation. R-value is a measure of thermal resistance whereby the bigger the R-value, the better the loft insulation's effectiveness.

Polyurethane insulation does more than simply insulate your loft. It stops roofs from leaking, stops slates and tiles from slipping, stops wind, rain or snow from getting into your roof, eliminates your plumbing from freezing, it strengthens existing roof structure and retains exterior character of the property. Which I think it is safe to say more than any other loft insulation solutions can do.

One of the key benefits of hiring a loft insulation company is that they will do more than simply install the loft insulation. RoofSURE will complete a full external overhaul of your roof by re-aligning, re-positioning or re-placing any slipped, broken or missing slates/tiles where necessary, re-point the ridge tiles where necessary and remove any loose torching/felt.

If you think that the idea of hiring a loft insulation company to install your loft insulation seems like an extreme idea, think again. With the range of additional services that RoofSURE provide and the quality of the loft insulation, hiring a loft insulation company will not only save you time, but also provide you with a professional solution to all your roof problems.

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Loft Insulation Company

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This article was published on 2010/09/30